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The connectivity of the world’s economies arises from people’s integration of ideas, views, products and services.  In this process of international integration lawyers’ ability to qualify in different jurisdiction is time consuming, unclear and most of the times overwhelming. Thus, we are currently collecting data from the all the countries in the world, working towards understanding the problem of qualification; if there is any and try to deliver solution.


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Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded the north in response to a military coup on the island which has backed by the Athens government. The island was effectively partitioned with the northern third inhabited by Turkish Cypriots and the southern two-thirds by Greek Cypriots. United Nations troops patrol the ‘Green Line’ dividing the two parts.

The project

The constitution of Cyprus recongises two official languages i.e. Greek and Turkish. It is therefore constitutional right for both communities in Cyprus to undertake their bar exams either in Greek or in Turkish. The Bar exams are mainly delivered in Greek and is not accessible for the Turkish Cypriot lawyers to undertake their bar exams in Turkish.

Rolesa is leading a project as initiated by Ms Diana Constantinide to bridge and unify the legal training in Cyprus. Our aim is to create an accessible legal training whereby the future judge, lawyer and/or president of Cyprus were equally trained.


Translate past papers from Greek to Turkish.

Build the infrastructure for Turkish Cypriot trainee lawyers to undertake their bar exams in the Republic of Cyprus.


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