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Our Mission.


Rolesa is a legal organisation that creates new opportunities in the face of globalisation. This innovative contribution to the legal arena is made up of an eclectic group for people with a lot of energy and drive. We are helping streamline the cross qualification process, making it easy and more accessible for each and every lawyer in the world. We have partnered up with experienced Lawyers from different jurisdictions and are working towards an inclusive intelligent globalised platform.

‘Our aim is to ensure lawyers’ and law firms international integration in the face of globalisation.’

The connectivity of the world’s economies arises from people’s integration of ideas, views, products and services. In this process of international integration lawyers’ ability to qualify in different jurisdictions is time consuming, unclear and most of the times overwhelming. Therefore, we are working towards associating with all the jurisdictions in the world; collect data, digitilise and empower the cross qualification process. Rolesa offers the platform whereby lawyers and potentially law societies can be engaged.


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