Welcome Ixion

Welcome IXION


Join the revolution! We are delighted to bring you Ixion. 


What is Ixion?


Ixion is a revolutionary online learning platform that prepares you effectively and meticulously for your Cyprus Bar Exams. Ixion provides you with best learning content required for your exams including written notes, revision videos and access to past papers.



What led us to create Ixion?


We grew frustrated of continuously seeing students struggling to prepare and study for the exams alongside everything else that is thrown at you in the same year. After all, it can be very challenging to start new your full-time work, travel long distances to attend lectures, the effort and time spent on looking for the right content, studying for the exams and, of course, the pressure of passing them can have negative effects on your health and personal life.


Therefore, we decided to ease the pain and simplify. We decided to find the best lawyers to create the best learning content so you can have the best results.



Why use Ixion?


Ixion combines top technology with outstanding content giving you best experience that sets you up for success. Here are some of the benefits of using Ixion:

  • Access to all learning content required

  • Access to revision videos

  • Simplifies complex topics for better understanding

  • Accessible at anytime, anywhere and using any device

  • Flexibility to study at your own pace

  • Saves time

  • Save travelling costs with all the necessary content at your fingertips

  • Leads to reduced pressure and stress levels


In short, Ixion provides you with all the tools and environment necessary to learn and pass your exams.